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Were a small business that deliver high quality building supplies at low cost and we pay close attention to our customers

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Mortice and Tenon 1/4 Toggle Anchor

Self Drilling Easy Anchor Toggle Bolts

Self Drilling Plastic Drywall Kit

Self-Drilling Drywall Metal Anchors

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Discover versatile construction hardware at Mortice and Tenon. Our hardware is qualified for all jobs, from concrete anchors for parking decks to drop-in anchors for sprinkler pipes. Known for competitive pricing and top-notch quality, we deliver reliable solutions for your projects. Build with confidence.

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What Our Client Say About Us

Andriy Fomenko

Good quality. Secure mount to drywall. Package says 70 lbs rated load, I would not go to this max, but it is definitely good secure attachment.

Careful shopper

Wall anchors have evolved so much over the years but I always trust the tried and true. These are robust quality, dependable wall anchors that can handle quite a load!


Good quality toggle bolts. The springs in the toggle are good and open the toggle effectively. All bolts and toggles were usable in the kit, no duds

J. Asher

I ordered these anchors for hanging some art in my home, as well as some floating shelves I have. These anchors are very easy to use and work very well. While they are self-drilling, I chose to pre-drill holes; just a personal preference.


Lately all the drywall anchors are cheap plastic, that either bend or break during installation. Not these! They are really sturdy, and screw right in with no problems!

Nunya Nacho

Yup, these are anchors. They look and feel like they're good and strong. I'll need them at some point during all my house projects.

Jeeps Roc

Drywall, Plaster Board, Sheetrock, Gypsum, Hollow Wall. These anchors are self-drilling as long as the wall is soft enough. The drywall works best for these types of anchors.



These are seriously heavy duty anchors and screws! We had a large piece of art that pulled the old anchors out of the wall because it was so heavy! We upgraded to these and haven’t had any problems!

Adam Johnson

I always wonder when purchasing these that they will strip out or just spin when you sink them into drywall. These do not have that problem. Easy to use and really secure.

Lariza L

These wall anchors are very sharp and easy to install. I have compared them to the ones I bought from Home Depot and they perform exactly the same. I'm very happy with these!

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